Governing Board

Be informed, communicate, consult, represent, decide, study, participate

Elected parents have two-year term and are expected to attend a monthly evening meeting which last a couple of hours. Elected parents have a choice of filling a designated position such as Chair, Secretary, or School Board Committee Parent Representative if they wish. (Training and mentoring can be made available.) Please consider nominating an interested parent or volunteering yourself for election. Candidates will be asked to introduce themselves to the school community at the annual General Assembly in September and briefly give their reasons for wishing to serve on the Governing Board.


Parent volunteers within our school community are a valued resource and contribute to building and maintaining a strong and healthy school community for our children. On behalf of the Hadley and the Philemon Wright Governing Boards, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join in our endeavours to provide the very best for our students.


Membership 2018-2019

Hadley  Philemon 
Staff Members Colleen McKinnon Teacher Christine Bacon Teacher
Lori Brown Teacher Brennan McConnell Teacher
Jen Christie Teacher Costin Stancescu Teacher
Sarah Acheson Teacher Adam Leclair  Teacher
Amanda Kemp Teacher Amanda Kemp Teacher
Emilie Giacomelli Support staff Emilie Giacomelli Support staff
Darlene Doucet Support staff Amanda Barnes Professional
Amanda Barnes Professional Ashley Smith Professional
Ashley Smith Professional
Parent Members Erin Connell Chair Sarah Cox Chair
Erin Gowriluk Vice-Chair Mike Avon Vice-Chair
Siobhan Barr Secretary Rhonda Boucher Parent Committee
Letitia Taylor Parent Committee Emilia Toushek Secretary
Penny Van Dine Parent C alt. Alice Burnbaum Parent C alt.
Frank  Hall Ana Maria Monterroza
Britta Nielsen Abir El-Kadi
Tiffany Walsh