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  1. Students must have a school photo ID card in order to borrow library material.

  2. A maximum of 3 items may be signed out at one time.

  3. Students may not sign out library materials if a student has overdue items or fines owing.


  1. Books: 10 school days.

  2. Magazines: 10 school days.

  3. Reference Books: Cannot be loaned.

  4. Due Dates are stamped in the back of each loaned item.


  1. Fines are $0.10 cents per day per item, to a maximum of $1.00 per item.

  2. If you lose library material, please speak with the librarian immediately, you will be
    expected to pay for lost or damaged items.


  1. 2 renewals per item.

  2. Item(s) to be renewed must be brought into the library on or before the due date.

  3. If an item is overdue, the fines must be paid before it can be renewed.


  1. WQSB Virtual Library

  2. Gatineau Municipal Library

  3. BANQ: Bibliothèque et archives nationales du Québec

For More Information concerning these services please read the library services brochure


  1. The library follows and endorses all school policies.
    All expectations of Hadley & Philemon Wright School Policies are in effect (See: Student Agenda 2012-13).

  2. No food or drink. Water is permitted in the library.

  3. Students are expected to come to the library prepared to do research, homework, read, or

  4. The library is a quiet place and noise levels must be kept to a minimum.

  5. The study carrels are reserved for quiet individual study. Students working in groups of 2- 4 may sit at the larger tables.

  6. Please do not move library furniture.

  7. Respect must be given to other students and staff members at all times.

Hadley / PWHS Library

Contact our librarian:

Ms. Rowat


(819) 776-3158

ext.2323 (Circulation Desk)

ext. 2311 (Library Office)

2012-2013 Library Services Brochure