Hadley & PWHS Anti-Bullying Policy

Bill 56 : An Act to Prevent and Stop Bullying and Violence in Schools (PDF)
Projet de loi 56: Loi visant à prévenir et à combattre l'intimidation et la violence à l'école (PDF)


That all students and staff are safe at school.

Our mission is to report and respond to all acts of violence and bullying in our school, as well as eliminate violence and bullying from our school experience.

Key Goals

  1. Develop and implement a formalized 'whole school' bullying prevention and intervention program – one that is sustainable and results based.
  2. In tandem with Key Goal 1, establish a group of staff and students charged with developing innovative ideas/ways of enhancing school culture/climate.
  3. Develop and implement an innovative curriculum that's enhances student engagement/participation in non-violence and anti-bullying educational experiences.
  4. Develop and implement methods of enhancing communication, transparency and mutual respect amongst staff, students and parents. These methods strongly encourage the reporting of any and all incidents of violence and/or bullying.
  5. Develop and implement whole-school strategies/activities designed to raise awareness, celebrate accomplishment and exploit the positive social elements of school life.